Singing Lessons/Workshop Inquiries

Singing lessons and vocal workshops for all voice artist, professional singers and those who would like to be.

I have been a professional singer and voice artist for over 30 years.

For 15 years I taught singing at university level, to Jazz and Dramatic Arts students.

In my classes and workshops you will learn about many aspects of the voice and professional singing –
Breathing; Vocal Technique & Strengthening; Voice Health & Maintenance; Projection; Posture; Mic Technique; The Value of Listening; Preparing for Auditions. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other local musicians and also with acclaimed international musicians.

We also provide opportunity for vocal demo recordings.

Three hour Workshops are available at reduced rates for groups of two or more.

On submission of this form you will receive address details for lessons and workshops in Smichov, three blocks from Andel, 100 meters from Arbesovo namesti.

Looking forward to working with you.