B & Gaby Marilyns
LEGENDS, with the fabulous Gaby Lomberg.
Lonely in the Saddle 1
LONELY IN THE SADDLE, Yeoville Ridge, 1990 or so.
Gaby & Louis R&R 58
Dressing room at NO. 58, with Luciano Zuppa and Gaby Lomberg, 87/88.
Legends in Windhoek
LEGENDY, na turné, Winhoek, 1989 ?. Kai, Didi Kriel, Reuben Samuels, já, Joanna Weinberg, Steve Walsh.
Total Eclipse with Graham
TOTAL ECLIPSE, with Graham Weir, 1990.
Bowie, from Legends Too. 1993.
TOTAL ECLIPSE with Nataniel and the Pact Dance Company. 1991.
ALL WE NEED IS LOVE, Marilyn Taylor, Anne Powers, Kai, Garth Victor, Reuben Samuels, me, Edwin van Wyk.
LEGENDS TOO, with Jenny da Lenta and Terence Reis. 1993.

Barbora and sax Legends

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