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Greetings And welcome to my new website, courtesy of my son, Elvis. Hopefully more user friendly and accessible for a technophobe like me. After a spate of gigs and various professional activities I’ve thrown myself back into the academic year and am also slowly recording a studio album with my preferred pianist, John Fresk. This album will focus more on the songs, mostly simple piano and voice, quite a few new compositions from me and also some of our favourite covers. Carol King will not be ignored, although as usual jazz will be the prevalent feel. Watch this space.    Barbora

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  1. Hello Barbora,

    I love singing and would very much like to learn how to sing well. I’m a student at UP and came across your name whilst searching for someone who gives singing lessons. I don’t know much, but it seems as if you know where it’s at 🙂 Do you still give lessons and, if so, could you teach me? My number is 0711658738 and my name is Campbell.


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