House Concert No. 12


It’s been a huge pleasure to present our House Concerts for our ever-growing community of fans. So we continue, with House Concert No.12 – The Blues Edition.
We’re excited to collaborate with Gerald James Clark, South Africa’s foremost blues singer/guitarist/songwriter, and his colleague Jiří Maršíček, also a singer and guitarist.

It’s going to be an exciting collaboration with two gentlemen we haven’t yet had the pleasure of playing with. We’ll be doing quite a cross-section of music, but leaning in the direction of the blues.

Come and join us in our spacious Smíchov loft apartment. All our precious House Concerts have been sold out, so use the form below to send us your contact information and book a seat. There are two 45-minute sets, good art, a terrace, and decent wine is included.

Please fill out the form below for more information.

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